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In Istanbul - Turkey

Specialized cosmetic procedures


Cosmetic surgery in Turkey has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last ten years and has become a strong competitor to leading countries in this field such as Brazil, England and others.


It is not a large surgical procedure, so it can be done in a clinic or specialized medical center or surgical hospital with an operating room equipped for this type of procedure


It is a cosmetic procedure that enables you to get a perfectly matured and bright white teeth by installing ceramic veneers or luminescent


Hotel reservation is one of the services we offer within our programs for our customers, including the best prices and the best locations near their transportation point

Medical tourism

An integrated tourist program for our clients wishing to spend some of the distinguished time as a tour to the most important tourist areas in Turkey


We will be together with our clients during their interviews and therapeutic movements. We provide accompanying translation to serve easily.

Transport services

Transportation service to and from the airport, through suitable and modern cars that meet all your requirements during your stay for tourism treatment in Turkey

Hair Transplant

Medical tourism and why does this catchy term seem to be popping up in the media so often these days? First off it may be helpful to define what medical tourism is not. It is not a vacation package sold to doctors, nor is it a pastime for folks who like to tour hospitals. It is also not strictly tourism per se, although many aspects of tourism are engaged to some degree or another​


Porcelain veneers are the ideal solution to hide minor flaws, discoloration and aesthetic imperfections. Porcelain veneers are the most elegant achievement of aesthetic dentistry. Careful design, extremely precise preparation by the doctor and aesthetically demanding work by the dental technician are required. However, the work and energy that comes into play are rewarded – bright, natural-looking gorgeous teeth. Of course, it is not unimportant that the entire crown does not need to be polished and a lot of valuable dentures don’t need to be removed, work appears only on the front of the tooth.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery without surgery Remove wrinkles with golden threads Inject facial fat Hair plasma Feller Plasma face the body tighten the abdomen, legs and hands. Enlarge and lift the rear. Cosmetic scars. Gagging and cutting the stomach.Conversion of track-balloon operations

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